Wednesday, February 13, 2008

So, where do you get softener salt?

JoeTurns out, it's easier to find dishwasher salt than it is to find garbage bags (long story—it took me a couple of days to find trash bags because they don't put them in boxes—Okay, it's not so long a story). But look, the salt light turned off! Are my dishes any cleaner? Sure, why not.


  1. It seems they have the same stuff in France.

    How do you like the small dishwasher? One thing I dislike about our full sized one is that it takes a couple of days to fill it, and by that time I want to use something that is still dirty.

  2. Jury's still out on the little Husqvarna. On the one hand, I am obviously glad to have the excuse to say "Husqvarna" with more frequency, and it does fill up more quickly; on the other, it's small size and limited power make it essentially useless for cookware, so I'm limited to just washing the plates with it. This last means that I still don't manage to fill it most days.
    It also has some detergent dissolving issues—sometimes everything is fine, but sometimes I get chunks of detergent lying around at the end of the cycle. Once the little detergent release door never even opened, and a couple of times the detergent block just dropped out and sat, undissolved, on the bottom of the machine. These may be issues more with the detergent than the machine, although I have tried two different brands…

  3. Let me just note that I envy you your opportunity to say Husqvarna so frequently. Also I am sure that you will soon bend all these infernal cleaning machines to your will.