Sunday, March 18, 2012

A study visit to parliament

Jennifer This term's Swedish class is going full steam ahead. At the end of this course we will be allowed to take something called TISUS, which is the Swedish equivalent of the TOEFL; passing TISUS also certifies that the holder has a high-school equivalent knowledge of civics and society. Therefore, on top of the language work, this term of class includes a once-a-week civics lesson. And last week, we took a class field trip to Sweden's parliament, which is in Stockholm and is called riksdagen. (Note that lack of capitalization; they did that on purpose so the the politicians won't get above themselves.) My assignment for Tuesday is to turn in a short summary of the visit, including what I learned or found surprising, and after that, a brief commentary. So here, for your reading pleasure: Version 1 of my assignment in its entirety.