Monday, February 4, 2008


Joe We finally moved in to our temporary apartment this afternoon. It's a one bedroom with a decent kitchen and a fair amount of space, probably better than we can hope for in a long term place. What's more, it has a great view of the castle and the cathedral, and it's right in the middle of downtown, only a block from the main bus stop at Stora Torget. Not a style of living we can sustain long term, but it looks to be nice for now.

And for now, it's just nice to get back to a bit of domesticity. After I got all the luggage moved, I went grocery shopping at the Hemköp across the street. It is going to take a little adjusting, trying to buy groceries in a foreign language. Actually, the biggest challenge for today was remembering that I didn't have simple things (like olive oil and salt) waiting for me at home. Despite the difficulties, we managed a bottle of wine, a little pasta with tomato sauce and vegetables, and as a substitute for Italian sausage (it has to be here somewhere, right?) a falukorv, which turned out to be essentially a ring bologna, but kind of tasty nonetheless.
Tomorrow, I'll tackle the dish washer.

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  1. Hi Guys,
    We miss you. I used your rolling pin to make cinnamon bread again - wish I could send it w/Italian sausage. We feel as if we were there, but without the walking!