Monday, February 18, 2008

River Walk

JoeThe weather broke a little earlier than expected, which really should have been exactly what we expected. We've been, umm, dissatisfied with the quality of the weather forecasting we've been getting, so Jennifer asked a while ago at work if there was a better source, and I guess they all just laughed and said that there just aren't any reliable forecasts for Sweden. Yesterday afternoon the temperature was climbing fast enough that even though they kept revising the forecast high temperature for the day we were always over it. I think we topped out at 8° or something absurd like that.

Anyway, fortunately we decided to take a walk down to the river before the cold ended, and we got a few cold looking pictures of the lights and the water. Also a good view of the cathedral spires, which have been sort of eerily lit the last two Saturday nights. The nightlife is oddly restrained on the weekends. Weekdays see lots of post-work bar hopping, but Saturday night is a lot quieter on our side of the river. I'm sure the students are out having a good time, but they seem to mostly party at their nations (more about that later) so they aren't out wandering the streets so much. The downtown move theaters seem to do a pretty good Saturday night business (who doesn't want to spend 90 SEK to see Asterix at the Olympics in French with Swedish subtitles?).

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  1. "who doesn't want to spend 90 SEK to see Asterix at the Olympics in French with Swedish subtitles?"

    I would *definitely* go to see Asterix at the Olympics--and the linguistic mismatch can only add to the fun!

    OK, wait, I just read a review. Maybe not.