Sunday, February 3, 2008

My Nemesis Returns

JoeSunday afternoon at the Hotel Uppsala, and it's time to wash clothes again. Now that we're living a little closer to the real world, the laundry is no longer free, and let me tell you, at 10 SEK a pop the pressure is on. Despite the directions (Jennifer points out that it's never a good sign when your directions end with the phrase, "Good Luck!!"), things went a little more smoothly this time, as I apparently guessed correctly which buttons not to push. I'm glad I talked to the desk before attempting it, though, as there was a very specific sequence of events needed to get things started: put clothes in machine, add soap to box, select appropriate settings, put 10 SEK coin in box on wall, come back and press start button. If you haven't got the machine set when you put in your money, well, you just lost two potential trips to a public toilet, matey.

Drying was another matter. Having been forewarned by the desk that the dryer was free, but didn't do anything except for, "blow lots of cold air on your clothes for a really long time," I opted for the Wascator, a sort of small closety thing that blows hot air over your clothes while they hang there and (presumably) get dry. After a couple of hours, this had our clothes near enough to dry that I think they'll be ready to go in the morning.
Tommorow we move to the extended stay apartment if all goes according to plan, where (hopefully) there will be a new set of washer challenges to face (if not, it's the shame and humiliation of attempting to use a public laundromat in a foreign language).

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  1. Ha! I used that phrase the other day--and immediately thought of you and the machines!