Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Låt det snöa, låt det snöa, låt det snöa

Joe Turns out that the snow we got on Saturday was just the start. Sunday evening saw some more, but then things really took off on Monday, and now we've got about 30 cm of the stuff. The picture above was taken Tuesday morning—I guess some people don't have their snow tires on yet. Biking to school Monday morning was dicey in parts (and I did watch a couple of people wipe out), but fortunately the majority of my route goes through the woods, so I didn't have to contend with traffic outside of a couple of blocks at each end.

Now that the snow has stopped falling for a couple of days, the maintenance crews have had a chance to catch up. Interestingly, they don't actually plow all of the snow; they pack a bunch of it down into a nice hard base that covers the sidewalks and the streets, and then they spread gravel over that. It doesn't make for a great walking surface right after they do it, but once it gets roughed up a bit it seems to be fine. There must be a tiny version of the big snow clearing equipment I've seen around town, too, because someone has gone through the forest trails and made a 45 cm wide path of packed snow down the center of each.

The forest, incidentally, is gorgeous in the snow, so much in fact that after getting home earlier than expected Tuesday I felt the need to go and walk around in the woods for a while. I didn't have too long, though: I got home at 1:45, and the sun sets now at 3.

That's all for now. Thursday we're expecting highs around 5°C, so I suppose we'll be trading in all our high albedo cover for a new round of mud; meanwhile, I intend to keep enjoying the white stuff.

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