Saturday, October 25, 2008

Autumn in Uppsala

Jennifer This autumn has been quite beautiful in Uppsala. For one thing, the weather has improved. In August and early September, it seems like it rained every day; in contrast, October has been generally pleasant and sunny. Some mornings have been wonderfully foggy, and my walk to, and wait at, the bus stop is often quite lovely indeed. It has gotten cooler, of course, and a few mornings have seen frost lining the fallen leaves and still-green grass.

But what does it feel like? Well, honestly, it feels a lot like Michigan. For instance, Kanelbullardag felt like a beautiful afternoon in East Lansing. Uppsala University doesn't have a campus, exactly, but there are areas in town that remind me of the tree-lined walk-ways by Michigan State's student union. The woodsy area that our apartment is in reminds me more of Leelanau, the place we'd vacation in northern Michigan, with the cool night air and earthy forest smells and the birch trees and evergreens so close.

I see that I have specifically mentioned that Uppsala reminds me of two places in Michigan in which I have spent a relatively small amount of time. Oddly, I haven't yet gotten a St. Joseph or Ann Arbor vibe nearly as much. St. Joe I associate with farm- and orchardland and squash and apples and the various other bounties of the season (although we're surrounded by farmland here we very rarely see it); in A2, my favorite memories of autumn include grad student life, the insanity of UM game-days and sports season, and the various mysig rituals we had settled into over the years with friends (Halloween and pumpkin carving come to mind at the moment...). I stand by my earlier statement that Uppsala feels like home, but it's still a new home, and I think it's possible, just possible, that autumn in Sweden has made me a little homesick for autumn in Michigan...

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