Monday, August 25, 2008

Revenons à nos moutons

JoeToday is the first day of orientation for the Datavetenskap Masters Program at Uppsala University, so this afternoon I returned to that sheep-strewn meadow. Up until a week ago, the only firm information that had been sent out about the program start was a note that there was a mandatory roll call on 25 August. Last Monday, this explanation was amended to include a time (13:15) and a place (building 1, room 211), with the promise that further information would show up during the course of the week at a web address, provided.

Needless to say, by last night, the web address was still not available. However, one of the returning students happened to mention on the program's message board that volunteers were needed for the tour of campus for the new students, as indicated on the orientation schedule, which was available at a completely different address. That site had not just a schedule of the week's activities, but also included an offhand mention of the fact that new students are required to bring their passport and a copy of their letter of admission to the roll call. Apparently, this past spring when the department informed us that on the first day we had to provide certified copies of previous diplomas and transcripts, they actually meant passports and letters of admission. Naturally.

Anyway, roll call was scheduled to run from 13:15 to 16:00 today. Since I had both of these items, roll call went off just fine. For me, anyway. For the half dozen or so erstwhile students of whom the department had no record, despite their letters of admission, it may have been a little bit rockier. Nevertheless, when the rest of us were dismissed at 14:00 (just a hair shy of the originally scheduled time, you may note) and told to go and enjoy the sunshine while it lasted, the program director seemed to think that everything would work out for everyone.

Tomorrow: Grillfest Tisdag!

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