Wednesday, August 20, 2008

37 minutes of night

JoeTonight we see the return of an old friend: actual night. It's been hard to track the dwindling of daylight this month, for several reasons. Our new apartment is on the first floor and pretty thoroughly shaded, so it has never seemed as bright here in the evenings as it did in Flogsta (where our view to the northwest was virtually unimpeded). What's more, the past two or three weeks have been unremittingly overcast, making it hard to tell when exactly the sun is going down. Actually, there's been so much unseasonable rain this month that there's a danger of Sweden's crops being ruined.

Nevertheless, it's definitely getting darker now. As I write this it already looks like nautical twilight outside, and by midnight tonight we'll enter our first half hour and change of official night.

Yup, not long now till it's just plain dark out.

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