Thursday, March 27, 2008

Light Fixtures

Joe This week's reason I won't want to leave Sweden when they inevitably kick us out: light fixtures. Seriously, light fixtures. In unfurnished Swedish apartments, overhead light fixtures are not always included. Instead, there's a standard ceiling fixture in each room, which has a tiny electrical outlet and a little hook. All the ceiling lamps in the stores are built to fit this mount: they have some kind of gadget to catch the hook, and they have a little box that the light fixture is wired to. All you have to do is buy a tiny cable which fits the outlet on your ceiling, clip the cable to the box in the light fixture, plug it in to the little ceiling outlet, and clip the fixture to the little hook. Voila! With no wiring, and no sinking anchors into your ceiling, you've got a new fixture. Want to move the dorky fixture the last people left into another room? It'll take all of three minutes.

There's something to be said for living in a nation of unapologetic apartment dwellers.

The standard plug-and-hook fixture.

The little plug cable.

The light fixture. Note the little bar which catches the hook, and the white box for clipping the wire in.


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