Thursday, March 13, 2008

Apartment in a Box

JoeI spent a couple of afternoons looking at second hand stores around town. A couple of them weren't bad, and if we were willing to take a couple of months to gather the furniture we need, and if we didn't have to pay for delivery for each item, we could put together a pretty decent apartment that way.

Alternately, I could go to IKEA, pick all of our furniture in one afternoon, and have it delivered that night for 495 SEK total.

So, I opted for that last bit. The delivery guy said, "You've got a whole apartment in one trip." Not quite, but it's pretty close. I've spent the last two days assembling flat-pack furniture (and struggling with javascript (grrrr....)), as a result of which, my planned title for this post ("I Love Flat-Pack Furniture") had to be discarded as it had developed a lack of truth. Once my hands stop hurting, I'm sure the love will return.

In the meantime, you can watch the apartment grow:

Next week: colorful stuff!

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