Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Snowy Morning

JoeWell, today we have to change hotels, so of course it's snowing again. It's been in the forties and drizzling off and on ever since the blizzard we had for our arrival, but naturally today it would snow. Moving out of our current hotel has taken all morning, and isn't quite finished yet. We actually started last night, grabbing some spare luggage and taking the bus over to Jennifer's office, where we'll stash it for the next few days.

This morning I took a couple more pieces over, which actually made for a relatively pleasant walk (it wasn't the heaviest of our luggage) though the sloppy snow. Jennifer caught up later after trying to deal with checking out from the hotel (a complicated story which appears to be largely resolved now, but the details of which I am, alas, not privy to). Anyway, I'm back there now after marching all over downtown, having a brief sit down before gathering the rest of the luggage and making my way to our new digs.
Incidentally, the plan is to stay at the hostel for 2 nights, and then we have a tiny apartment reserved for the month of February. It won't be much, but it has a kitchenette, so we can go back to cooking a little, which will be good.

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  1. I wrote you a comment, but your blog site eated it.

    I tried to use an HTML tag (the "a" below), and it told me sternly that it was not allowed and would not sent my comment! Maybe a warning to everyone else would be in order?

    All I really said - but longer - was that your adventures so far sound very intersting and it will be nice when you are all snug in your new home.

    LOve to you & J