Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Burgers and beer

Jennifer Tonight we spent our designated burger money (Thanks Mom and Da!) on burgers and a beer at the restaurant attached to the youth hostel we are spending the night at. It was actually very good-- I think it was made with kebab meat-- including pickle slices, sort of tomato-y things, and fries complete with a sprinkling of seasoned salt. It was nice to eat out for a change, and after everything that happened today (too tired to write it all now, details to follow, don't worry, happy ending), a very welcome and satisfying meal.

The hostel is... well... what can you say? Small. Weird. Still under construction, judging by the smears of grout on the bathroom floor and the exposed electrical wiring here and there (see the photos of the bizarre, empty, airport-reminiscent "lobby" that they are very proud of). Cheap, though, and quite clean. And far far away from anywhere we've stayed yet. Tomorrow we move again, to a hotel more in the downtown area.

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