Sunday, July 7, 2013

My birthday picnic outing

JenniferI took a long drive through the local nature reserve for myself to have a picnic on my birthday. Click on the photo gallery to see the pictures I took (too many), which are in order of the journey. I'd hoped to make a map of it but that function doesn't appear to be working at the moment... check back later, but I did want to get this up, before I forget. Most pictures are, sadly, unlabeled, but pretty. And I do at least list the picnic items on the picture shown to the here. Next up, a post about my birthday cake, which I had on the Fourth of July. It's a Whole Big Thing, as those of you who check Facebook may know...


  1. wonderful jaunt for a birthday picnic! happy, happy belated, Jennifer!

    1. It really was nice. Sunny, warm, tasty picnic food, pretty nature... a good time was had. And so far I'm keeping with my vow that I made on my 40th birthday, which was to try to do something new on each subsequent birthday.