Friday, March 18, 2011

Works in Theory

JoeI think everyone is a little over-anxious for spring now. This morning, Jennifer opted to wear her "spring time in Sweden" shoes—a pair of black leather walking shoes, good for getting rained on, but not for walking on ice—so naturally we got three inches of fresh snow fall this afternoon.

Lest you think unwarranted optimism is unique to us immigrant-types, I will also mention that not 15 minutes ago I heard the distant chimes of the ice cream truck passing by:

Wanna know what's funny about ice cream trucks in Sweden? (Other than the fact that every truck in the country plays exactly the same song?) They don't sell ice cream cones, or popsicles, or anything like that: the trucks sell 1 liter tubs of ice cream. You know, just in case you forgot to get a tub of ice cream when you were at the store buying 4 liters of milk on your way home from work.

Have I ever mentioned that Sweden invented lactose tolerance? That's right: all you dairy eating types are mutants descended from proto-Vikings*.

*As my proof editor also happens to be a biologist, I am obligated to correct myself: adult lactose digestion arose independently in Scandinavia and the Arabian peninsula. So either a Viking or a Bedouin, take your pick.

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