Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sunrise in Örsundsbro

JoeThe fall term is, for all practical purposes, wrapping up now, and this year it carries for me the added urgency of prepping for teaching duties next term, on top of the normal scramble of exams and projects. I'm not complaining, I'm just saying: it's been a busy week.

Anyway, this morning I was supposed to have a meeting with a professor and one other TA about a class for next term, but before breakfast I found that it had been postponed until a to-be-named-at-short-notice time sometime before next Tuesday, while various people hashed out the other TA's seriously overbooked teaching schedule. So the morning went from fully booked to possibly my last free time for the week, and I decided to strike before the iron got out of the barn, as it were.

I'd been meaning to make the 30 km trip out to the sleepy hamlet of Örsundsbro for some time now, not on account of its bucolic character so much, but rather because it is home to our local Iitala factory outlet. There hadn't been a chance in the last couple of weeks (I've spent most of my free time dealing with our immigration status of late), and I'm leaving in a week for Christmas, so this was pretty much my last chance for the season.

I let the cat out, downed a cup of reheated coffee (a week on my own, and I still haven't learned to not make a full pot of coffee in the morning), packed a banana and a travel mug, let the cat back in, and was on my way. I made it to central station at 9:05, at 9:10 I was on a bus to Örsundsbro, and by 9:50 I was standing in the middle of nowhere, more commonly known as the Örsundsbro outlet mall, watching the sun rise.

That's it, just had a pretty little shopping trip this morning, and thought I'd post the pictures. I also took a couple of nice shots of campus after sunset (that is, I took them at 3:30 this afternoon), so I'll include those below.

Vi ses!

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