Tuesday, November 9, 2010

City of (Occasional) Lights

JoeThis November, in an acknowledgement that November is not a nice month to be in Uppsala, the city has decided to hold a repeat of its very successful venture two years ago, Allt Ljus på Uppsala, a sort of festival of colored lights at various places around town. (Why they decided not to do this last year, the darkest November in living memory, remains a mystery.) Forewarned that the snow was coming today, I decided to head downtown last night to check out this years entries.

There are 16 sights in theory, although I refused to take pictures of the really lame ones (yes, Dragarbrunnstorg, I'm looking at you. Four red lightbulbs tied to a streetlamp? For shame.) The best entries were the multisensory ones, such as the singing lamps in Slottsparken and the musical interlude on the pedestrian bridge overlooking Upplandsmuseet (I'll post a video of part of that here if I can get it working). If you are up for a tour of the the odder entries, check out the gallery, but the best shots are included here.

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