Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Girl who was Annoyed by Stieg Larsson

Jennifer I have heard that the Stieg Larsson thrillers have been all the rage in the US; of course they were popular here a little beforehand. Hollywood has taken notice, and they are filming the first book now ("The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" in English, "Män som hatar kvinnor" på svenska). (Of course it was already made into a perfectly decent movie in Swedish, but never mind.) And... they have decided to film parts of the movie in Uppsala! (The line at the bottom of the sign says "Uppsala. Borrowed by Oscar. Every day since 1984 [when the last movie, "Fanny and Alexander," was shot here].)

However, Uppsala is the setting for some flashback scenes, and in order to make a block or two in Uppsala look like it's the 1960s, they're going to be doing some set-building and facade renovation along the way, and so they have decided to close all of Drottninggatan ('Queen Street'), which runs more or less from the castle down to the main square. All buses running from west of town (that is, from our place, or from my place of work) use this street. Now all these buses have to make a quite long detour to the south, around the hospital complex, and of course cannot drop people off right in town. Not a big deal for most of the populace, I think, but for those of us who consider five blocks to be a bit of a hike... well, it's quite inconvenient.

Okay, I confess: mostly I'm mad because it's going to make it very hard for me to try to sneak into town and catch a glimpse of Daniel Craig. I am going to have to send a spy on a bike with a camera. And yes, I fully plan to see the movie, and giggle when I see the streets I know so well, and complain to everybody within hearing range about how much of a pain it was when they were filming here.

(If you enjoyed the books, you may enjoy this parody, "The Girl Who Fixed the Umlaut.")

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  1. Okay - the parody? HA! And Daniel Craig? Mmmmm...