Sunday, May 2, 2010

Two rainy hours in Turin

Joe I'm in France for the week, attending a constraint programming summer school. I'll send more details later—I've been traveling since before 7 this morning, and I'm beat, and there's no internet in the room (insert indignation here), all of which means I'm about to prioritize getting a shower over writing an in-depth blog post.

The map marker is from Turin, Italy, where I spent a few hours waiting for a train in the pouring rain. Fortunately it let up in time for me to discover this wonderful gelateria just across the street from the station (on the back side, so that I nearly missed it completely). Two scoops of mascarpone gelato with coffee beans and I was not just fika'd, but feeling much more positive about Turin. If they'd only had lockers at the train station, I could have wandered and taken some pictures. Instead it will have to wait until the weekend—I'll be back there on Friday night, sleeping over until my flight on Saturday afternoon.

Tomorrow: pictures of the Alps in the fog!

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