Thursday, February 11, 2010

I've got a little list

Jennifer I suppose I will tell the whole story later, but for now, let's stick with the short version, which is this: due in equal parts to a series of miscommunications and the slowness of the bureaucracy, I find myself temporarily unemployed. It's not ideal, of course, but I have been offered at least temporary employment (as soon as legally possible) to try to finish up one of the projects, so the situation is a little less stressful than it could be.

I knew back in January that I would be unemployed in February, and I thought it would be best if I could treat it as a month-long vacation. Nevertheless, I have been making Plans. Here was my list as of the end of January:

1. Write a post for the blog every day.
2. Finish the review paper I am working on with colleagues from UM.
3. Learn Swedish.
4. Watch TV, especially the Winter Olympics.
5. Become reacquainted with my long-dormant domestic skills: have dinner hot and on the table every night, etc.
6. Do a little here and there on the lake projects (i.e., the things I was hired here to do, in other words, WORK).
7. Relax.

#1? Let's just hustle past that one for now. Because I have been working rather a lot on #2, which as far as I know is now back on schedule and coming along. #3 is a work in progress; I have attended Swedish lunch a couple times (more on that later) and I am duly signed up for the free evening courses with svenska för invandrare, starting next week. More on #4 later. #5? Ah, well, so far, umm, no, not so much.

#6? I have really come to like my project, and for the first week of the month, I kept going on it, more or less as if nothing had changed, out of sheer inertia. I did come to my senses, though, when it became clear that my boss was perfectly willing to let me continue to work 10 hours a day, for no pay, if I so chose. She meant it in a kindly way, I think; she herself lives to work... well, anyway, it was an eye-opener. Hello, my name is Jennifer, and I am a workaholic. Time to start working a little harder on #7... err, you know what I mean.

Hours-later edit: I forgot two other things that I was going to do: write and essay to finish that Linnaeus course that I started last term, and finally read "The Silmarillion." The book was recalled by the library before I could even start it; as far as the course goes, hey, I've got all term to do it, right? (Can you guess why I didn't manage to finish it the first time?)

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  1. "The Silmarillion"? You've got to be kidding. Ugh.

    It turns out I can't watch the Olympics, or I'd be joining you for that one. All the US TV stations went digital, but I thought, "who cares, we get better reception from the CBC in Canada (which is not yet digital) than from NBC and the only thing we have the TV for is the Olympics." Unfortunately, the CBC lost the Olympic contract and it is being broadcast by some other Canadian network that we can't get. During the last summer Olympics I found that I could watch some stuff on NBC's website, on my non-Linux laptop. Sadly, it seems that the live broadcasts are only available now if you have a password from a cable TV company. I guess I'll have to find a sports bar that shows um, ice dancing, hm? I hope you are getting to see lots of crazy snowboard flips and such!