Sunday, June 28, 2009


Joe This evening I felt like exploring the neighborhood, so I set off to investigate an interesting looking building we can see from our window. Unfortunately, I quite missed it at first, leading to a much longer walk than I intended; fortunately, I accidentally stumbled on to the Göteborg University campus, which was quite nice. There were lots of people laying about on the lawn and sunning, and a nice näckrosdammen.

What my walk has taught me is this: the first way that Göteborg differs from other Swedish cities I've visited is topology. This is a city built on hills, lots of them. I spent most of time climbing and descending the steps that comprise the various pedestrian ways through the neighborhood. It paid off in the end, though: our cool building turned out to be Carlanderska, a private hospital from the late 20s.

Incidentally, I'm not the only one to have an unintended stroll around Göteborg today, although I very much doubt that mine will make the local paper.

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