Sunday, April 27, 2008

A soccer game

The week before last, we went to a Damallsvenskan match. Our local team is technically headquartered not in Uppsala, but rather in Bälinge, which is a small suburb to the north of town. Their home stadium is Studenternas IP, just across the street from the University hospital and not too far from where I work. It's also right on the river, which means that you can see moored sailboats from the front entrance. It's actually a whole complex that includes a bandy field (where the bandy finals were held) and another track used most recently for ice racing (the national studded-tire motorcycle finals were held here).

Continuing a tradition that we started when going to Michigan home games, Joe made sandwiches for us to eat during the game (salami, fresh mozzarella, sprouts, and red pepper on a baguette—yum!). This tradition started mostly because the food at UM games was pretty bad (boiled hot dogs—yuck!). This stadium, however, has a cafe in one corner, and I am pretty sure they grill their dogs, so we might have to try their food at least once. Other menu items included godis, cafe, bulle, and cans of various flavors of läsk (a can of Coke costs 25 SEK, while a hot dog is only 15 SEK).

Joe is practicing his grammar, in preparation for the day when we do order something. After yesterday's experience of getting schooled by the tiny child, I think "två korvar" is one plural he'll remember.

(See some pictures of the game at my new soccer-specific blog, Damallsvenskan Soapbox. Don't worry, I'll confine all my soccer commentary over there.)

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